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Stay in touch with friends using video to create fun, natural conversations. Share them with others by easily inviting more people to grow the conversation. For those private moments, simply whisper them to your select group of confidants knowing that your conversations are secure within your circle of trust.

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Conversations Made Fun and Easy

What makes Versa so different from the other Social Video apps?

Versa is actually fun! To make it so, we actually had to re-invent the social video user experience. Instead of a bunch of individual videos with no threads or context, we've stitched the whole experience together as if you were having a conversation. Communicating with video is now natural, fun and easy to do.

  • Natural Conversations

    Share moments the same way you would in a natural conversation. Get caught up from where you left off and easily add on to the conversation.

  • Invite Friends

    Let more of your friends in on the fun. Invite others to participate in an ongoing conversation.

  • Whispers

    Whisper those private moments to your closed group of friends. Trust that your conversations are secure and won't be shared outside the group.

  • Get Involved

    Build onto an existing conversation or participate in a larger group, issue or activity.

Versa App for Colleges & Universities

The Versa App is a fun & easy communication tool for enhancing engagement in events and activities at Colleges and Universities. Here are a few examples of how the Versa App can be best utilized by a variety of groups on and off campus.

    As a newbie, there's an awful lot to take in all at once. Send out short videos that describe what to expect during each phase of orientation.
    Students form strong connections in college. Sharing video conversations is a fun & easy way to stay connected and make new friends.
    Extracurricular activities help shape the college experience. Join up with others that share the same interests and invite others to participate.
    Lead by example. Mentor others by starting and moderating engaging and thought-provoking conversations.
    Keep in touch. As friends scatter across the globe post-graduation, Versa is a fun way to maintain and enhance those relationships.
    Nurture a strong foundation. Help families stay connected to the things that really matter through authentic video conversations.
    Bring it full circle. Keeping alumni up-to-date and involved in what's happening encourages strong financial and resource support.

Perfect for Sororities, Fraternities & Clubs

We've found the sweet spot of cool features that will enhance the experience within the organizations you're involved in. It's the perfect tool for sororities, fraternities, sports clubs, social clubs, alumni groups, family & friends to build life-long connections through enhanced conversation.

Maximize Recruiting Efforts

Get your message in front of new eyeballs and watch as it virally spreads to others.

Promote an Event

Promote upcoming events with video and watch as others become totally engaged.

Enhance Group Communication

Texting and email are emotionless. Use conversational video to authentically communicate your message to members and alumni.

Capture the Moment

Record [fun] [crazy] [wacky] [epic fail] [important] [- insert your own here -] moments from social and philanthropic events and easily share them instantly.

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